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Große Potemkinsche Straße social reannimation of Wittenburg  

   Bernadette LaHengsthttps://vimeo.com/133128242
watch the docuhttps://vimeo.com/133128242
   visit the websitehttp://www.grosse-potemkinsche-strasse.de/
lecture Ton Matton in Salzburghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM860imYJOI

It was Potjomkin who erected in 1787 for czarina Catherine the Great some villages out of painted decors, to hide the true face of the area. A likely attrappe-village was build in the main street of Wittenburg (Germany 2012). Together with the artists Bernadette LaHengst, Michael Kockot, Björn Ortfeld, Lukas Push, Alex Römer, we squated the 15 abandoned houses, made workshops with the inhabitants of Wittenburg and build objects and installations like the ,drive-through-cinema‘, the ,park-house‘, the ,complaints-horn‘ and many more.

a project by MattonOffice; commissioned by City of Wittenburg / Wirtschaftsministerium M-V , Germany 2012