In the heterotopia Werkstatt Wendorf we try with ever changing guessts to find the small Utopias and interruptions of daily life. Nature is an object to aesthetical mediation from crisissituations in society.

After his study Cityplanning at the Delft Technical University (1991) Ton Matton started in Rotterdam the Schie 2.0 office, urban and environmental design, looking for transformations of autarkic architectural moments. Schie 2.0 was part of the dutch designgroup of the nineties, who worked on an amnesty for the build reality, and who experimentally, emphatically explain the problems of planning and city-design. The most strong projects are those where Matton, by changing the point of view on a situation, also changed the way of looking towards this situation; de facto you have to consider this as a design.

After his ‚Free Range Office’, a mobile, self sufficient office-shed moving through Rotterdam, he opened (with the writer Ellie Smolenaars, his partner) in 2001 Werkstatt Wendorf, Germany.

Since Ton Matton (*1964, the Netherlands) left the Netherlands as suburb-refugee (vinex-vluchteling, de Volkskrant 3.10.03), the former German Democratic Republic village-school of Wendorf is the base for his office. Inside the hypermodern living inbetween big-city-behaviour and wood-stove heating, Matton is looking for connections between the traditional living on the countryside and contemporary mega-city-lifestyle. „The fact, that I live in Wendorf doesn`t mean that I can`t be reached. I live in Central Europe. I have a satellite Internet, a Lada Niva four-wheel drive, and a mobile phone, like everyone else in the Global Village.” (A10 Magazine, Wonderland 2006) shapeimage_3_link_0

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