EX Nature

Dance of the Turbines

Campagne Green

the Suburb Biotope

Global Nature, Les Halles Paris

commissioned by Utrecht University © 2003

commissioned by Office for Metropolitan Architecture, Paris © 2004

commissioned by atelier Rijksbouwmeester/CenterNovem2007

Campagne Green, a strategy to give identity to green energy, by selling plugs wich  contains 100 Watts of green energy (enough to to watch 1 football match),

MattonOffice, Ton Matton, Rafal Wamka, commissioned by CenterNovem © 2007

Global nature reacts on global heating. A subtropical climate in the

park Les Halles, Paris, is created by using city heat to make a dry, hot climate.

eco-concept for an environmentally sound suburb in the Hague.

cutting trees and build an entrance of the Botanical Garden at Utrecht University,.

MattonOffice for MVRDV © 2003

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MattonOffice, Ton Matton, Björn Ortfeld, Martin Luce, Rafal Wamka,

Snackloket IJburg

eco-concept for an environmentally sound suburb IJburg, Amsterdam

commissioned by ArchitectenCie. © 1998

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a road movie through new dutch windmill landscapes