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Potemkinsches Dorf 
   Bernadette LaHengsthttps://vimeo.com/133128242

Like Potjomkin build attrappe villages for czarina Catherine the Great, we ,hacked‘ the village of Gottsbüren (Germany) and played together with the inhabitants a harmonious village life. Students of the Art University Linz and some artist (a.o. the musician Bernadette LaHengst the filmer Wanja Saatkamp, Artist Pepi Maier with a cow), squated some abandoned houses and build installations and exhibited our art-works in the 2nd. Centenniale Gottsbüren. Goal is to show and share the city dwellers our love for the countryside.

   some impressionshttp://www.strategies.ufg.ac.at/?p=561&lang=en
    Wanja Saatkamp

   Go Gottsbüren; https://vimeo.com/133128242


Potemkinsches DORF

Potemkinsches Dorf hacking the village of Gottsbüren

a project by MattonOffice and Art University Linz; commissioned by Landkreis Kassel/city of Trendelburg, sponsored by Sparkasse, Germany 2015