Vertical Compost Toilet 2.0

MattonOffice/Ernest Israels at Suburban Ark Rotterdam Architecture Biennale 2005

The compost toilet fits perfectly in the filosophy of autonomy of the Suburban Ark. (The Suburban Ark is a pontoon with enough space for its own water recycling system, shown during the Biennale, the Suburban Ark is serving as an operational base for expeditions into Rotterdam’s sewer system, for design workshops about innovative water technologies, and for lecture evenings about unpredictability, complexity and the flood.) No pipes or cables are needed to make this toilet function and therefor you can place it where ever you want.

The concept of this vertically organised toilet is made by MattonOffice with Ernest Israels. A contruction of ventilation pipes provides the oxigene needed for the proces of composting. After toilet use, put in a hand of straw for ,flushing‘.

After some years you can harvest your compost and use it to grow sunflowers or vegetables.